About the Ball

The Sekhet-Maat New Years Party will be held on December 31, 2002 to ring in the New Year to provide O.T.O initiates and their guests a place to celebrate, experience fraternity and have a safe haven to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of Thelemic Brotherhood.

Our theme this year is "Fairytale Masquerade." Dress as your favorite character from a fairy tale, or just dress up, but masks are encouraged!

Decadent foods will be served. There will also be a champagne, beer and wine bar, and we will raffle off many items of magickal import!


This special event is open only to OTO members and their guests. Sekhet-Maat Lodge is located at 1409 SE Stark St., Portland, Oregon. ( Map It )


Will-call tickets available online by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Tickets - Sekhet-Maat Lodge Members

No longer available.

Tickets - Other OTO Members and Guests

No longer available.

Tickets - Youth under 18

No longer available.


Tuesday, Dec. 31


To contact us, please click one of the following:

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