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Anno IV:xvi

  • Sol in Pisces
    • The February financial statement is now available.
    • Our Novitiate Training Program page has been overhauled, mainly for clarity and simple presentation but also including a couple minor updates to match current policy.
    • We have added photos of two of the Lodge's paintings both by River Soma to the website: Baphomet on the Classroom page, and The Devil Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies on the Office page. Both paintings are by River Soma.
    • We have a new page with information and photos of the Office inside the Lodge.
  • Sol in Capricorn
    • Complete information is now available for Thelemic Symposium 2009 ev, featuring panelists Eliza McBryde, Michael Kolson, and AISh MLChMH.
    • Our Annual Report for 2008 ev is now available. Be sure to check out the supplemental reports too!
    • We now have a Twitter account. Come and follow us here.
    • Hello Web 2.0! We have now added social bookmarking to our entire website. Now you can add any page (including calendar entries!) to your social bookmarks, including Digg, Technorati, FaceBook, and many more!
    • We have relegated exorcism to the museum of obsolete religious artifacts. See our Ecclesiastical Rites page for U.S. Grand Master Sabazius' note on exorcism.
    • At some point (we're not exactly sure when) many of the links to back issues of Lion & Serpent were broken. This has now been fixed. Come and check out all the online back issues and please tell your friends about it!
  • Sol in Scorpio
    • Three new graphics have been added to the Promotion page which highlight our weekly celebration of Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass, including a website banner, a social networking image, and a thin banner suitable for use in a rich-text e-mail signature.
    • Beastly Xmas Greetings! Check out the new Xmas cards designed by the Beast Himself! Get a pack of cards or take the digital route and post the new promotional graphic on your friends' social networking pages!
    • We've begun taking photos on a regular basis before or after performances of the Gnostic Mass. Have a look at the first few photos at Gnostic Mass Photos Anno 04:16.
    • Sabazius X° has posted an important blog entry on same-sex marriage. Click here to read it.
    • The October financial statement is now available.
    • Check out the new page with photos showing the refurbishment of our office and bathroom: Office and Bathroom Refurbishment 2008 ev.
  • Sol in Libra
    • The September financial statement is now available.
    • Lion & Serpent 13:2 is now available in print format, and 13:1 is now available for download in low-resolution format.
    • New page: Promotion has graphics you can use to promote the Lodge on your blog or website.
    • The Secretariat/Downloads page now features archived Gnostic Mass schedules going back to 2002 ev. Not all schedules are complete.
    • The August Treasury Report is now posted.
    • The July Treasury Report has been available for some time, but hasn't yet been mentioned here.
    • The Lion & Serpent pages have been updated with new subscription rates and pretty graphics, and the Journal/Read page has information about the issue now in print: Volume 13, No. 1.
    • Sekhet-Maat Lodge has a new primary headline font: Exlibris ITC. See it now above the SML lamen on our Home page.
    • Our Goals for the year have undergone weekly updates. Many goals have been accomplished, and others are being worked on. Take a look at the status!
  • Sol in Leo
    • Due to overwhelming interest we are now offering advance tickets to the upcoming 8-8-8 ritual, and we are sure to sell out early. Get your tickets now at The Birth of Maat 8-8-8
    • Promotional handbills for the upcoming 8-8-08 Birth of Maat ritual are now available as a PDF download: full color handbills
  • Sol in Taurus
    • Embroidery is now available in our CaféPress Store! Check out our selection of Unicursal Hexagram designs on military caps, performance jackets and black polo tees.
    • See our Upcoming Special Events page and our calendar for complete information about our plans to celebrate the Solstice in Cancer.
    • A new batch of consecrated Abramelin Oil is now available in the Cottage Store.
    • We have added two photos to our Feasts page, showing two feasts being prepared.
    • Tuesday classes through June and Yoga Thursdays in May are now scheduled with details available on the calendar.
    • A new photo of our Stele of Revealing has been added to the Temple page.
    • A new page has been added with a photo and more information about our Sacristy.

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