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Anno IV:xv

  • Sol in Sagittarius
    • A new photo has been posted to the Education page, which shows Pantacle Workshop participants beginning to create clay prototypes of their Pantacle, which would eventually be molded in beeswax.
    • New page for the site: Orison, a calendar of arts and related events that involve Portland area Thelemites.
    • The Lodge Construction Project includes descriptions of the remodeling that we did on first moving into the current temple in 2000 ev. Photos coming soon!
    • Our Upcoming Special Events page has been updated with information about Certified Initiator Training scheduled for Feb 16.
    • Our Goals have been updated with current status, and those completed now sport a visual tag to set them apart.
    • Our Wish list has been updated with many more items that the Lodge needs. Consider setting aside part of your winter holiday budget to give one (or a few) of these items to the Lodge.
    • SML now has a profile on YouTube! Come and view our first video, a tour of the temple room at the Lodge. More to come!
    • The Very Vulgar New Year's Eve costume ball page now has a brief schedule of some of the recording artists which will be played through the evening. Members, send your requests in now!
  • Sol in Scorpio
    • Our Community Portal now includes information about our neighborhood, including links to nearby parks, businesses, schools and other resources.
    • The Deputy Master, Sr. Aletheia Mnemonicas has updated her Lodge journal.
    • A new photo of our stained glass OTO Lamen, displayed above our front door, has been uploaded.
    • The Upcoming Special Events page now has complete information, links and banner graphics for the upcoming Winter celebrations. These include an original ritual, a three-day Solstice festival, and our annual Very Vulgar New Year's Eve!
    • Our Goals page has been updated, including the latest self-sufficiency data from our newly available October financial report.
    • Most of our catalog of books in circulation and reference is now available on our Library/Catalogs page. Just click the LibraryThing icon: Also, every page in the Library section of our site now features a random selection of our books. Refresh the page to see a new list!
    • German blog Seelengemeinschaft says of Lion & Serpent: "... immer wieder sehr interessant zu lesendes ..." (always very interesting to read). See the full mention here.
    • The Deputy Master, Sr. Aletheia Mnemonicas has updated her Lodge journal.
    • As a means of better organization of the site, we have created a new Annual Reports page, which contains links to the Annual Reports, as well as other information related to our activities in each common year. The new page is available from the main navigation bar on our website.
    • The Abbey of Thelema feature-length film is playing in Portland at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland Oct 28 at 7pm. Lodge members and invited guests are welcome to attend a reception for the producer following the film. A promotional graphic is also available to post on websites and blogs.
  • Sol in Cancer
    • Get the SML website news in your feed reader by subscribing to our MySpace Blog feed. Updates from this page are posted there every couple of weeks.
    • 7∴7∴7∴: The Marriage of Lucifer and Babalon, a new ritual by Samekh ben Shahar, is now available on our Rituals page under "Miscellaneous."
    • The Upcoming Special Events page has been updated with preliminary details about the following upcoming events. Mark your calendars!
      • The Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and His Bride
      • our participation in Portland Pagan Pride
      • the Annual Membership Forum
      • the Equinox in Libra
      • an initiates-only seminar on symbolism and Jungian psychology in O.T.O. initiations
      • a Samhain weekend workshop focusing on our relationships with our blood ancestors.
    • The June Treasury report is now available.
    • A list of Movie Recommendations for occultists is now available, linked from the "Study Materials" section of the Documents page. This page will be updated as new recommendations come in.
    • Our Goals for this year have been updated with current status.
  • Sol in Gemini
    • The May Treasury report is now available.
    • A new PDF pamphlet, now available from the Secretariat/Downloads page, includes Sekhet-Maat Lodge email address, web address, Liber Oz, and mission statement. Print this out double-sided, fold in half, and give to curious friends!
    • Preliminary details for the 7∴7∴7∴ ritual and feast are now available at: Upcoming Special Events. Mark your calendars!
    • The latest issue of Lion & Serpent is now available in PDF format at Journal/Read.
    • The interior painting and library catalog projects have begun! See photos at: Interior Paint and Cataloging 2007 ev
    • Eleusyve Productions founders Jon Sewell and Melissa Holm are interviewed on ATC Pagan Information Network #39 about the upcoming Rite of Venus Rock Opera.
    • Added two photos to the Feasts page.
    • Now you can promote Lion & Serpent on your blog or website with our new banner! Just copy the code at the bottom of the Journal page, and paste it to your website or blog.
    • Complete information about the Magickal Peer Review Group has been added to Education under "Study Groups".
    • Major update to the Secretariat section includes a new file download area with organizational documents, floor plans, etc.
    • Our Vision Statement has been updated to include a more detailed look at where we are headed.

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