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Our Temple
Photos and other information about the temple room.
Information about our library, including lending policies, and details about our microfilm research archive.
Photos and other information about the classroom.
Photos and information about the office.
Photos and other information about the kitchen.
Photos and other information about the sacristy.
Read about our world-famous bathroom here.
Photos and other information about the exterior, including visible stained glass pieces and our flower garden.
Lodge Construction Project
Read about the complete remodel that we did in the Summer of 2000 EV.

Our Lodge has five rooms: a temple, classroom, office, kitchen and bathroom.

The temple room (1000 sq. ft.) is used for performances of the Gnostic Mass, Initiations as well as large events where extra seating is needed. In addition to the main altar shown below, other available furniture and equipment include: several small altars; two double-cube altars; a font; many candle holders, censers, swords and other common ceremonial tools; a 9' paper goetic circle drawn with paint pens; etc.

Photos & Video

The following were taken on the First Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law in IV:xvii.

Preparing the temple
Recitation of the first chapter of Liber AL vel Legis

The following were taken on Equinox in Aries. The Lodge was decorated with additional banners in preparation for the new year IV:xvii

The East wall, with Horus banners by Fr. Arun
Temple decorated with banners by Fr. Arun
Sacristy "wall," with banner by Fr. Arun
Fr. Khabs Kaos, Sr. Διοτιμα, and Fr. IOI stand before the altar with icon by Fr. Arun, just prior to performing a group arrangement of the Invocation of Horus in celebration of the Feast for the Supreme Ritual, March 20, 2009 e.v.
Altar prepared for the Ritual Ordained for Public Service, which includes the Mass of the Phoenix.
Temple gongs

The following photos were taken before we painted the walls.

The Mass Altar
Mass temple facing East
Mass temple facing West
Mass temple facing West
The Stele of Revealing atop the super altar
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