Supreme Ritual and Equinox in Aries 04:18

From Sekhet-Maat Lodge
Thelemic Symposium

Feast for the Supreme Ritual/Equinox in Aries

Saturday, March 20, 2010 ev

Strike, strike the master Chord!
Draw, draw the Flaming Sword!
Crowned Child and Conquering Lord!
Horus, Avenger!
—Invocation of Horus

The Event

Frater Khabs Kaos will present a history of the Supreme Ritual, what this historical ritual is and why we celebrate it. This event will be accompanied with a feast and champagne to toast to our New Year. We will have the cash bar open as well. This event is open to the public, please feel free to invite your friends! A contribution of $5.00 is asked to help us support our continued efforts in promulgating the Law of Thelema through our Temple and facilities.

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