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Read about the work of the Secretariat at Sekhet-Maat Lodge.
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The Secretariat is part of the Executive Committee of the lodge. Review the status of previous 2010 ev and current 2011 ev goals for the Executive Committee.
Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes of our general lodge meetings, redacted for internet publication.
Downloads, including organizational tools, checklists and floor plans, outreach pamphlets, & c.
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Browse our articles, bylaws, rules, policies and procedures
Documentation for the Secretarial Database which we are developing to meet the particular needs of the lodge.
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Welcome to the home of the Secretariat, the office of the Secretary.

About the Secretariat

The Lodge Secretary is appointed by the Master, and serves at the pleasure of the Master and of the Grand Secretary General (G.S.G.) of O.T.O. U.S.A.

Our Secretary is charged with maintaining an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Lodge, preparing and distributing the agenda for each meeting, tracking unfinished business, processing all initiation paperwork, and keeping a current copy of the Bylaws, the Bylaws of O.T.O. U.S.A., the U.S. Camp, Oasis and Lodge Master's Handbook, the U.S. E.G.C. Manual, and the applicable official policy memoranda of O.T.O. U.S.A. available for study as appropriate by all initiate affiliates and members of the Lodge.

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