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A Beginning

O.T.O., like Freemasonry and the ancient mystery schools, includes a series of initiations (also referred to as degrees). In the rituals of these degrees, O.T.O. seeks to instruct the individual by allegory and symbol in the profound mysteries of nature, and thereby to assist each initiate in discovering and executing his or her own True Will. For a complete listing of the degrees and a description of them, see U.S. Grand Lodge: Initiation. For frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Minerval Degree, see About Minerval Initiation.

Initiation can be conferred only in a physical ceremony conducted by a chartered initiator.


If you are interested in becoming an initiate, there are three formal requirements. You must be:

  • Free (e.g. legally able to enter a contract, not imprisoned, etc.),
  • of full age (18 for Minerval and First Degree, 21 for subsequent degrees),
  • and Good Report (vouched for by two sponsors)

Every man and woman free, of full age, and good report has an indefeasible right to the first three degrees of O.T.O. These "first three degrees" actually include all the degrees in the Man of Earth Triad (the Minerval is considered a prologue to the First Degree, and the Fourth and P∴I∴ Degrees are considered pendants to the Third Degree).

For the final requirement "good report," meet with members of the Lodge to get know each other. You then seek sponsorship from among those whose acquaintance you make, and submit an application and fees. We would be glad to arrange a time to meet with you and give you further details. Our Secretary can give you an application once we have met. Use our online calendar to find out about our scheduled events. For a detailed look at specific types of events and attendance, see: Ecclesiastical Rites, About Minerval Initiation (FAQ), Education, Upcoming Special Events, Past Special Events, Attendance Policies.


Dues and fees at the time of application for Minerval Degree are broken down as follows:

  • $42 - One year of national dues
  • $42 - Local fee for initiation
  • $35 - First month of local dues
  • $119 - Total for Minerval

National dues and local fees do increase with higher degrees, beginning at Second Degree. For the complete listing of dues and fees through the Man of Earth Triad, see: http://www.oto-usa.org/dues.html

As an initiate in the Portland area, we expect you to take up affiliation with the Lodge, and payment of local dues. Local membership dues pay the rent on our Temple and maintain & improve our level of development as a body of initiates. Contribution is a fraternal duty which we have made affordable for all. We post monthly reports of our net income, and as a non-profit association, all of our resources are used to maintain and improve our services.

Pay online: Initiation Dues & Fees | National Dues Only | Local Dues Only

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