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Calendar of Events
A complete overview of all our scheduled events.
Upcoming Special Events
Guest lectures, workshops, holiday celebrations, and other special events are listed here. See also: Past Special Events.
Rites of Initiation
Initiation is offered on a quarterly basis. Find out more about initiation here, including an extensive list of frequently asked questions.
Ecclesiastical Rites
Find out more about Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, baptism and confirmation, and our weekly celebration of the Gnostic Mass.
Regular Classes & Workshops
We have a number of educational opportunities every week. Learn about them here.
Attendance Policies
Be sure to read this so you'll know which events you can attend.

The following listing of past events is not exhaustive. Seasonal rituals, classes, and other frequent events (which typically do not have their own web pages) are often not listed here; please see our calendar for more. No events prior to 2001 ev had their own web pages and records are very minimal.

See also: Upcoming Special Events

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