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Make automated payments of:$

Automated payments are easy! Set it and forget it. Start your scheduled payments on your payday, and set it for every two or four weeks to make payments every payday or on alternating paydays.

For example, a Lodge Member who also Pledges $10 per month could select any of the following:

  • $45 per 1 month
  • $45 per 4 weeks
  • $23 per 2 weeks
  • $540 per year

The first payment is made the day you set up the schedule, and payments continue according to the schedule you set.

In a tight spot? Don't worry about bank charges or overdrafts—PayPal will just try again a week later. Or, simply cancel your payment schedule and start it up again when it's more convenient, or make other arrangements with the Lodge Treasurer.

Make a Single Payment

Make a note in the payment form about how many months you are paying with this lump-sum payment.

Initiates of O.T.O. and Confirmed Laity of the E.G.C. may take up Membership or Affiliation in the Lodge. The following is a summary of the duties and privileges of Members and Affiliates of the Lodge. More information about the duties and privileges of initiates in general can be found in Aleister Crowley's Liber 101. Please address any questions to the Treasurer.

See also: Rites of Initiation | Ecclesiastical Rites | Bylaws | Standing Rules | Initiation Payments | National Dues Payments



  • Eligibility
    • Initiates of I° or above in O.T.O. may participate in our membership program.
    • Initiates of the Minerval degree and those confirmed in the E.G.C. may participate in our affiliation program.
    • To begin your affiliation or membership, sign the roll at the Lodge and make your first payment.
  • Dues
    • For membership or affiliation, we request a wage-based contribution of 3% of income (for example, a Lodge member who works full time would contribute 5-6 hours' wage per month). This ensures that your contribution remains affordable to you if your income fluctuates, and it helps us to be able to plan on your continued support.
    • If you do not wish to pay the wage-based amount, our minimum dues rate is $540 per year to keep the spacious temple we depend on for the right performance of our rituals. See Members and Affiliates below for other benefits of membership and affiliation.
    • See table at right to make individual payments or sign up for regular automated payments.
    • There are four ways to make your dues payment:
      1. Place it in the white donation box next to the office door at Sekhet-Maat Lodge.
      2. Use the PayPal link in the table on the right.
      3. Hand it to the Treasurer in person.
      4. Mail your check, payable to:
1409 SE Stark St.
Portland OR, 97214

  • Financial Hardship
    • For information on how to continue contributing during times of financial strain, please see Financial Hardship and contact us to make arrangements.

Privileges of Membership and Affiliation

For the current privileges of Membership and Affiliation, please see our Standing_Rules.

How Others May Participate

Others may:

  • Attend all public Lodge events (such as Gnostic Masses, classes, etc.) for a suggested contribution of $5.00 per event
  • Schedule time on the library microfilm reader and computer at a rate of $5 per hour and 10¢ per print
  • Schedule personal Temple use with approval of the Master. For a half-day of use, we ask for a $30 fee. Contact us to make arrangements.
  • Schedule private group Temple use with approval of the Master. For a half-day of use, we ask for a $30 fee. Contact us to make arrangements.
  • To learn about our library cards and gain access to our books in circulation and our unique collection of microfilm, please visit our Library page.

Financial Hardship

  • In the event of temporary financial hardship, Members and Affiliates may make private arrangements, to be reviewed every six months, to contribute on a sliding scale.
  • Sliding scale contributions shall be arranged by direct consultation with the Master, or through any member of the Executive Committee acting as the Master’s delegate.

Pledges & Donations

  • Please make a pledge—a monthly financial contribution to the Lodge on a sliding scale. We recommend approximately 3% of your income, or about 5-6 hours of a full-time wage per month. Pledging is a popular way that our members contribute, since it ensures the Lodge will prosper with its members, and contributions remain affordable for everyone. Counting on your help means we can plan for the continued improvement of the Lodge: our rites, celebrations, classes, publications and other endeavors.
  • As always, all occasional donations to Sekhet-Maat Lodge by anyone are greatly appreciated. We have been given many sizeable contributions over the years in the form of unexpected, occasional contributions. Whether you throw $3 in the jar, or donate half of your tax refund, donations like these have always helped considerably in our efforts to maintain financial stability. Today, these kinds of gifts propel us toward having the ability to constantly improve the services we offer.

  • Any additional use of Lodge facilities or services not listed here will be subject to any stipulations and fees specified by the Treasurer.
  • For further information, questions, etc., contact our Treasurer.
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