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Read about the library, make a donation to help us acquire new books and microfilm, get a Library card to check out books and use the research archive.
How to check out books, donate or loan books to the library, and use the microfilm research archive.
A catalog of the Sloane MSS is available. More to come.
Research Archive
Find out more about our unique collection of microfilm, see a photo of the archive, read our Past Master Fr. Diapason's address from the grand opening of the research archive.

About the Library

Sekhet-Maat Lodge Library Mission
Sekhet-Maat Lodge Library serves as a high-quality resource for Hermetic studies by providing access to books, manuscripts, microfilm, audio and video research material.
See also: Library/Policies.
Circulation and Reference
The library contains more than 350 books in its circulation section for Sekhet-Maat Lodge members or supporting affiliates to borrow. The library also contains a reference section, including a variety of important volumes, some on loan from private collections. Both the Circulation and Reference libraries are open for browsing during Lodge open hours each Tuesday (see Sekhet-Maat Lodge Calendar for details), or by arrangement with the librarian.
Research Archive
Sekhet-Maat Lodge Library has a truly unique collection of microfilm, not available in any one place anywhere else in the world:
The Yorke Collection and O.T.O. Archives comprise over 25,000 images of Crowley's diaries, notes, papers, letters, and more.
Thanks to a generous supporter of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, twenty-eight rolls of microfilm from many of the Sloane manuscripts at the British Library are available in our research archive, including works by John Dee, Elias Ashmole, and numerous grimoires.
For details on the archive material, including how to access the research archive, see Library/Research Archive. Our research station includes a microfilm reader and digital scanner for on-screen viewing, and a laser printer to print the microfilm images when necessary.
For fees and availability relating to long-term research projects, please contact us.
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