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Calendar of Events
A complete overview of all our scheduled events.
Upcoming Special Events
Guest lectures, workshops, holiday celebrations, and other special events are listed here. See also: Past Special Events.
Rites of Initiation
Initiation is offered on a quarterly basis. Find out more about initiation here, including an extensive list of frequently asked questions.
Ecclesiastical Rites
Find out more about Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, baptism and confirmation, and our weekly celebration of the Gnostic Mass.
Regular Classes & Workshops
We have a number of educational opportunities every week. Learn about them here.
Attendance Policies
Be sure to read this so you'll know which events you can attend.

We are proud to offer a robust assortment of educational opportunities, including classes, study groups, training programs and guest lectures. Spending time in our classroom while applying oneself to our group ritual workings and daily solo homework, provides a strong foundation of experience and theory in the practice of Thelemic Magick.


Regular Classes

Tuesday Classes, Forums, and Workshops

We offer classes, forums, and workshops at 7:30pm on Tuesdays. See our online calendar or click on the link below for the flyer to see a listing of this month's offerings.

First Tuesday: General Magick
An instructor will offer a presentation on a wide variety of subjects within the broad spectrum of western esoteric philosophy and practical magickal work. From Qabalah" to The Basics of I Ching, The LBRP and other Banishing Rituals and other esoteric topics, these Tuesday classes will give you a solid introduction.
Second Tuesday:
A public open reading and discussion on Crowley's writings, many of which can be found in our Documents section. See Thelema Readings for complete information.
Third Tuesday: Tarot Talk
A monthly discussion group on the subject of the Tarot cards. Each discussion will focus on one or a group of cards. Please bring any books and/or Tarot decks you would like to share, as well as your thoughts, ideas, meditations, and experiences with the particular card(s) in question.
Fourth Tuesday: Magick Workshop
A hands-on workshop on a particular ritual or magickal practice. Workshops are usually held in the temple and built around providing demonstrations, practical tools, and opportunities for practice.
Fifth Tuesdays, and occasional deviations from the normal schedule
An instructor will offer a presentation on a wide variety of subjects within the broad spectrum of western esoteric philosophy and practical magickal work.

A variety of volunteer instructors and moderators facilitate.


Occasional Courses

At this Pantacle Workshop facilitated by Sr. MRTH, the participants created a beeswax Pantacle of their own design using a press-mold technique.

On occasion we also offer serial courses and workshops. These have included Yoga, Astrology, and practical tool-making sessions.

Study Groups

Initiatory Studies

Study meetings are closed to anyone not of the initiatory degree specified on the online calendar, and are scheduled occasionally. See the online calendar for a current listing.

Training Programs

Mysteria Mystica Maxima

Initiation Officer & Initiator Training
See: Initiation Training Program
U.S.G.L. Initiator Training
This examination of initiatory techniques and concerns is available to members of the Third Degree, and is especially recommended for current and prospective initiators.
Advanced Initiator Training
Advanced Initiator Training is dedicated to providing active initiators with resources to grow in their skill and eduction as initiators and to help active O.T.O. initiates increase their knowledge and zeal in regards to our initiation rituals.

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

The EGC Committee at Sekhet-Maat Lodge has under its purview several education efforts including EGC Basic Training, Baptismal Study Guide, Catechumen Program, Novitiate Training Program, and Clergy Training.

Novitiate Training
See: Novitiate Training Program
Pastoral Counseling Workshop
One of the most challenging issues that clergy members face is how to assist the community in navigating life's more difficult questions within the context of the tenets of the Church. To this end, the members of the OTO Psychology Guild, at the request of the Primate Sabazius, have developed a curriculum of pastoral counseling for the clergy. Two years in the making, the Primate is highly recommending this workshop for active Bishops, Priests and Priestesses as well as local body Masters.
Study guide offered to those recently Baptized
See: Baptism Study Guide


Kaaba Colloquium
Kaaba Colloquium is an opportunity for all active O.T.O. initiates (I° and above) to learn what O.T.O. leadership entails, to receive strategies, tactics, and advice on leadership roles and activities, and to meet with successful and prominent leaders from all over the nation. While Kaaba is aimed at current and aspiring local body officers, it is open to any member in good standing, of the I° or above, who wishes to attend. The presenters are experienced O.T.O. leaders with practical, hands-on experience in running local bodies. Their presentations cover topics running the gamut from local body finances to resolving disputes between members to techniques for retaining and motivating members.
Facilitation Workshop
This course introduces adult learning theories, techniques in classroom facilitation, giving and getting feedback, etc. It is made available by Fr. HydraLVX when requested.
Intellectual Training
Currently in development. No estimated time of completion.

Guest Lectures

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