From Sekhet-Maat Lodge
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Why Contribute?

The vitality of the Lodge and its activities are the direct result of the creativity and industry of our membership. Your financial assistance ensures that Sekhet-Maat Lodge will have the means to improve and expand the facilities and services we offer, including Initiation, the Gnostic Mass, Education, Lion & Serpent, our Library, Feasts and all that our Mission implies.

How it's used

Your contribution will primarily support the Lodge rental and maintenance costs, which are the vast majority of our expenses and our first priority in budgeting. So much of what we do depends on the ability to maintain a temple outside the homes of our members. We do have income exceeding these expenses, however, and that excess is spent:

  • to improve our existing resources and materials, like temple furniture, equipment, magical weapons, and so on;
  • to improve our departmental budgets, so that for example we may purchase consumables that are generally donated by members, or to improve the printing of Lion & Serpent;
  • to implement your vision for events and projects.
Make a contribution here via PayPal.
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