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Photos and other information about the temple room.
Information about our library, including lending policies, and details about our microfilm research archive.
Photos and other information about the classroom.
Photos and information about the office.
Photos and other information about the kitchen.
Photos and other information about the sacristy.
Read about our world-famous bathroom here.
Photos and other information about the exterior, including visible stained glass pieces and our flower garden.
Lodge Construction Project
Read about the complete remodel that we did in the Summer of 2000 EV.

The classroom (750 sq. ft.) is used for teaching classes, facilitating discussion groups, and for meditating or feasting space at celebrations of the Gnostic Mass and other rituals. The classroom also houses the books of our library.


Photos & Video

Anno IV:xvii | 2009-10 ev

We repaired the classroom floor and painted the entryway. Here is a time-lapse video showing our work! Thanks to all who assisted and to Jon Sewell for the musick.

Our donation jar since 1999 ev, which is kept in the classroom. Contributions in this jar go toward our monthly bills.
Sr. Theodora on the Second Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law
Sr. KJBY on the Second Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law
Attendance at the First Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law
The east wall, featuring a large painting by Sr. S.D.M.
Several brethren hanging out in the classroom

Anno IV:xvi | 2008-9 ev

Baphomet by River Soma is now on display on the North wall of the classroom and is approximately 3'x4'.
At the end of the Year of the Tower, the tower fell and was destroyed, and new life sprang forth!
The Classroom, decorated for the Thelemic New Year celebration.

Anno IV:xiii | 2004-5 ev

The following photos were taken after completion of the Giant Robot Project, which was the code name for our secret redecoration effort. Prior to this, the classroom was much more sterile and less comfortable.

Looking toward the Southeast corner. The door to the Temple is shown, as is the exterior South wall.
Looking South onto Stark St. through the window with the stained glass.
Looking toward the North wall. The door to the Kitchen and Office/Research Archive is shown, as is the East wall. You can also see Br. A., Srs. H. and K., and of course, Miss Pig the fire-eating dog.
Wine glasses on the East wall. The corkboard has wine charms pinned to it.
Looking toward the East wall.
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