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Brandy Williams took her Minerval initiation in 1988 ev, and after remaining Minerval for thirteen years, her I° in 2001 ev. Since 2001 ev, she has worked through the Man of Earth triad, was baptised and confirmed in E.G.C., ordained a deacon, and ordained a Priestess. She also earned her charter to initiate. She has served as initiation officer for Horizon Oasis in Seattle, WA. In 2004 ev, she became Master of Vortex Camp in Tacoma/Olympia, WA, the state's oldest O.T.O. body. Since that time Vortex has established monthly Masses, periodic Man of Earth initiations and E.G.C. ceremonies including baptisms, confirmations, and ordinations. She is a member of the O.T.O. Information Technology Guild.

Before becoming actively involved with the O.T.O. Brandy was a Pagan organizer. She pursued independent magical studies before being initiated a Witch in 1976 ev. For many years she taught workshops and classes and organized Pagan festivals, the largest being the five-day 500 person event Merrymeet: Building Pagan Culture in 1990 ev, which included rituals, workshops, concerts and an art show. For two years she served as President of the national organization, Covenant of the Goddess. She taught classes for five years through the Pagan organizing group called Temple Grove. Although largely retired from public Pagan life, she still organizes Seattle Pagan Scholars. She has two published books, Practical Magic for Beginners and Ecstatic Ritual: Practical Sex Magic.

Brandy lives in Bremerton, Washington, with her husbands Alex Williams and Ted Gill. In her professional life she works as a project manager for a Fortune 500 company. As a musician she performed and recorded with the band Seilidhe Court and currently sings and records with the Medieval Women's Choir. Her primary scholastic interest is in the history of magic. She has four filing cabinets of research in her office, exercises her University of Washington library card, and travels the world visiting archaeological sites and museums, in countries including Egypt, Greece, England, France, and the Czech Republic. Her most recent trip was a tour of medieval Moorish and Templar castles in Spain. Her O.T.O. studies center on the intersection of Thelema and Feminism. She presented the first version of her paper "Feminist Thelema" to the O.T.O. Women's Symposium in 2006 ev. Her current work focuses on Vortex Camp, writing her next book, and presenting "Feminist Thelema" to a wider audience.

Join us Saturday, March 17, 2007 ev, where Brandy will offer her perspective on Thelema as a panelist in the sixth annual Thelemic Symposium. Following the Symposium, Brandy will be available for book signing at a reception. Click here to purchase tickets for this event.

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