Open Hours & Tuesday Night Classes

Every Tuesday evening Sekhet-Maat Lodge is open to members and the public for fun, fellowship and learning. During Open Hours (6:00-7:30), you are invited to read in our library, meditate in the Temple, fraternize, work on projects, play chess, etc. Sekhet-Maat classes and workshops begin promptly at 7:30 and are typically 90 minutes in length. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine or snacks to share.

Weekly Classes, Workshops, and Forums

Tuesday Night Classes at Sekhet-Maat Lodge cover a wide variety of subjects within the broad spectrum of western esoteric philosophy and practical magical work. Our classes, workshops, and forums are instructed by knowledgeable and enthusiastic lodge members and are designed to offer participants practical ideas and insights to complement their personal studies in magick, mysticism, Thelema, and related topics.

Recent class offerings include:

  • LBRP and other banishing ritual workshops
  • The Rosy Cross Ritual of the Golden Dawn
  • The Magick of Benjamin Franklin
  • Introduction to Enochian Magick

To view this week’s class offering, visit our Events Calendar.