Lodge Master Diaries: Sol in Taurus

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Its springtime in the Pacific Northwest and the spring flowers have already bloomed.  As the crocus flowers pushed their gentle arms out of the ground, reminding me of the return of Persephone, our initiates all woke up from their winter slumbers and came out in huge numbers for events!

We had a Class on Babalon and an Astrology class on Aries by Soror Theodora.  The rest of the classes we rescheduled so we could sink our energy into the Holy Season.  Masses were joyous as folks came out to see both the sun, (along with a few sprinkles) and each other.

Early in Aries, Sister Morgana celebrated her first mass as Deacon and later in the month, Frater Copperlion did as well!  Congrats you two on starting such a great journey!  We’re lucky to have you both.

We celebrated the entire 22 days of the Thelemic Holy Season by doing readings of chapters from the various holy books.  It was truly inspiring to see all of the members come out to quietly (and in some cases not so quietly) pay reverence to our most important written words.

I was heartened to see so many of our newest lodge members and some folks who aren’t even members yet come out regularly to the readings.  Over all we had 5 of us who made it to all readings and a very large number who made it to almost all of them.  It was really a lovely experience to bask in the beauty of the words of our Prophet with so many wonderful people.

Folks brought out their true creativity with the readings, turning them into mini rituals, dramatic readings, adding music, other poetry and audience participation.  We had specially prepared foods and drinks.  It was a great run!

We celebrated Frater Didymus’ birthday during the readings for the Lust card and we danced the night away to celebrate Frater Andropos Troy’s birthday!  A hearty Happy Birthday to all of our Aries out there, Soror Isabella and Soror Theodora as well as Soror LyraSolis!  The Lodge is chuck full of Aries these days and I’m happy to see the fiery energy going!

Over all it was a great month and coming up this weekend we’re hosting an alternative religions class from the University of Montana who come out every year to see what the OTO and Thelema is all about.  Its always a great time!  Right following that we’re moving straight into initiations with some Minerval, First and Second Degree initiations being held the first weekend.

I can’t wait to see what Summer holds for us all!

Love is the law, love under will.

Soror Diotima

Sun 2° Taurus; Moon 25° Virgo: Anno IVxxi