Lodge Master Diaries: Sol in Aries

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

With the Sun in Aries, we usher in a new year, ANNO IVxxi!  With the changes and new site, I thought I’d revisit the idea of an update from the Lodge Master on a semi-regular basis, to give updates, share news and talk about what we’re up to.

Every new year I tend to do two things, look back on the past year and see what was accomplished, both in my own life and in the life of the Lodge; and to look forward and make plans and get ideas.

In the past quarter or so, our community at Sekhet-Maat has done some amazing things and had some experiences that have both challenged us and brought us closer together.  A recap:

♎ Sun in Libra

After a summer of fun and frolicking, not to mention some great BBQ, we hosted the Electoral College for Soror Isabella’s last meeting. It was a happy and joyous affair with Frater IOI being seated in her place. The members of the Lodge held a grand weekend of feasting, events, dancing and mass to celebrate our Sister’s success of 11 years on the EC and to welcome our Brethren from out of town. Just a week after that we hosted USGL for initiations, again hosting various functions with feasting and fun. Good, hard work and play was had by all.

♏ Sun in Scorpio

November brought in an unusual circumstance for us all as our Sister A, who had terminal cancer expressed her wishes to finish the Man of Earth Triad. We all came together to assist her in doing so. The initiations were beautiful and we were all honored to facilitate that for her. The Psyche-Eros Rose Croix Chapter also held their annual Thanksgiving dinner and we had so many people turn out this year we actually ran out of Turkey! Not to fear though, next year, there will be TWO! Brother H and Brother J played music, there was games and fun, the kids got rowdy, dogs barked and we all had a great time. We also initiated new candidates into both Minerval and First Degree! It was a BUSY month!

♐ Sun in Sagittarius

To celebrate Mid-Winter, Frater Andropos Troy did an intense and magical ritual of divination. We were full to the gills! Speaking of full up, over the fall and winter, mass attendance has been quite up with a lot of new faces! We have been having a lot of fun providing hospitality to our new guests. We ended the month with J. Daniel Gunther, at the request of Sister A. He came around for another amazing evening of lectures and we greatly enjoyed his presence.

♑ Sun in Capricorn

The Greater Feast for Sister A kept most of us in quiet contemplation for January. The members of the Lodge opened the doors for many communities so that all of the people who Sister A touched with her wisdom could be present. We had the Portland Macrobiotic Community, the Native American Spiritual community and many long time friends of our Sister present. A Greater Feast Mass was held along with feasting, story telling, singing and dancing.

♒ Sun in Aquarius

This month had us taking some well needed big breaths and just enjoying masses, each others company and some down time. Sister Isabella presented on the topic of treating your volunteers well and our Lodge Master Office Hours and Meet and Greet was attended by 13 people!

♈ Sun in Aries

This brings us to Aries. It’s been a long recap, but our members have worked so hard, I felt it would have been a shame to not talk about all we’ve done together this year. It’s been long, it’s been beautiful, and we’ve worked hard, but we’ve also PLAYED hard. New relationships have formed and we’ve explored both personally and in community what it means to invoke our Lodge into being with our vision.

Next update: Initiations! What happens to SML when we get FOUR new second degrees? How will the Holy Season end? Will Frater Andropos Troy’s birthday party be Epic? Stay tuned…..

Love is the law, love under will.

☉ in 2° ♈ : ☾ in 9° ♌ : An IVxxi

Soror Diotima, Lodge Master