The Sekhet-Maat Lodge Library contains approximately 1000 books in its Circulation section for Sekhet-Maat Lodge members, supporting affiliates, and library cardholders to borrow. The library also contains an impressive Reference section, including a variety of important volumes, some on loan from private collections.

Each Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:30PM both the Circulation and Reference libraries are open for browsing. During our Open Hours, you are invited to read in the library, meditate in the Temple, fraternize, work on projects, play chess, etc. before the public class that evening. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine or snacks to share.

Borrowing Books

  • Books may only be borrowed by Sekhet-Maat Lodge members and affiliates.
  • Select book(s) and locate the black Library Binder on the Circulation shelves.
  • Fill out each of the columns completely. Use your given name – the one on your driver’s license – NOT a magical name or motto.
  • Upon returning materials, locate your entry in the binder and fill out the return date. All materials should be returned in a timely fashion.

Research Archive

Our Library has a truly unique collection of microfilm, not available in any one place anywhere else in the world.

  • The Yorke Collection of Aleister Crowley holdings
  • The O.T.O. Archives (selected material)
  • The Sloane Manuscripts (selected material)

hermit-picture-172x260The Yorke Collection and O.T.O. Archives comprise over 25,000 images of Crowley’s diaries, notes, papers, letters, and more.

Thanks to a generous supporter of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, twenty-eight rolls of microfilm from the Sloane manuscripts at the British Library are available in our research archive. This includes works by John Dee, Elias Ashmole, and numerous grimoires.

Our research station includes a microfilm reader and digital scanner for on-screen viewing. If you’re interested in reviewing Library materials, we invite you to visit the Lodge during Open Hours and to stay for fellowship following the Gnostic Mass.