Celebrating the Gnostic Mass

The Gnostic Mass is the central ritual of the Gnostic Catholic Church (Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica), the ecclesiastical arm of Ordo Templi Orientis. Our temple holds regular public performances of the this rite every Sunday afternoon at 3:00PM, followed by fellowship and light fare.

If you’re planning to attend Gnostic Mass with us for the first time, we want you to feel comfortable and welcome. Here’s what to expect.

A Little Deeper…

The Gnostic Mass is a eucharistic rite celebrating the individual human will as the expression of the highest good. Although similar in visible structure to ceremonies of the Roman and Eastern Orthodox churches, this vibrant and dramatic rite stands uniquely apart as it celebrates “the sublimity of the operation of universal forces,” which move and infuse every person directly and uniquely. This ceremony serves as a dramatic inspiration for religious reverie for the congregation. It does not claim to intercede for a congregation that must submit to its authority in order to receive the blessings of a higher power through a vicarious clergy. Each individual is their own star, beholden to no other deity than its only perfect glory. The Gnostic Mass is performed to lend beauty, intent, and tradition to that process.

You can find a complete copy of the Gnostic Mass ritual on the website of our national section.

The culmination of the ceremony is the consumption of the sacrament as prepared by the priestess, priest, and other officers. This sacrament consists of a cake of light* and a small goblet of wine (juice or water optional). Each participant stands in turn before the shrine, consumes the host, proclaiming,

“There is no part of me that is not of the gods.”


  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Mass begins promptly at 3pm.
    If you find the door locked, please do not knock. It will disturb the celebration.
  • Silence your electronic devices.
  • During the ritual, avoid talking or excessive movement.
  • Participate as much as you feel comfortable, including any gestures and words. All are welcome and encouraged to take communion.
  • We encourage a small donation ($5-$10) from non-members to support our Work. Donations are used to offset the cost of Mass supplies, space rental and utilities. Cash, Debit, and Credit payments welcome.

*Participants with special dietary needs may prepare their own cakes of light and hand them, properly wrapped, to the Deacon before the ritual begins.

If you have further questions, please feel free to email us.
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